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There are several options within the Receipt Options screen which enable you to customize your Clover system.

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To go to the Receipt Options screen:

  1. Log in to a Clover device as an Admin (if you haven’t already).
  2. Tap the Setup app to open it.
  3. Tap the Receipt button.
  4. Tap the Order Receipt Options tab.

The preview receipt on the right side of screen shows you an example of what your receipt will look like given your current settings. Enabling and disabling features will change this preview receipt. Use this preview to quickly determine whether or not a feature is useful for you and your employees.

We explain each option in detail below.


Receipts setup



Printing Options

Print receipt automatically after each order – Prompts the payment receipt to automatically print at the completion of all orders.

Skip receipt screen if printing receipt automatically – Skips the receipt screen if the above option is enabled. Note that the receipt screen also displays “Change due” on cash orders. Because enabling this option will hide the receipt screen, it will also hide the “Change Due”.

Include items on payment receipts – Includes all items on the order on the payment receipt. Disable this option to make your payment receipts shorter.

Mark items as printed when printing a bill – Automatically marks all items that have been printed with (R) or “printed” to make for easy identification of printed items. We highly recommend that you enable this feature.

Header Options

Custom Header Text – Adds text to the top of your payment receipts, like a tagline or slogan. Make sure to tap “save” after adding text. Disable this feature to make your receipts shorter.

Include Cashier Name in Header – Includes the name of the cashier who created the order at the top of the payment receipt.

Footer Options

Show online receipt URL – Adds the URL for the web receipt at the bottom of your receipt. Disable this feature to make your receipts shorter.

Custom Footer Text – Adds a message to the bottom of your receipt. We often see messages like “Thanks for your patronage!” in the footer. Disable this feature to make your receipts shorter.

Table Options

Show guest names when printing a receipt – Prints guest names (above which items each guest ordered) on the payment receipt. Disable this feature to make your receipts shorter.

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