Is the use of Winding Wire

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Introduction of

Is the use of copper clad aluminum enameled copper clad aluminum material as a novel magnet wires of the inner conductor, whose characteristics between copper and aluminum, a combination of light weight and excellent conductivity of copper and aluminum advantages.


1. DC resistivity: copper clad aluminum wire copper wire DC resistivity of approximately 1.45 times; the same resistance, copper clad aluminum wire copper wire weighs about 1/2.

2. Good solderability: Copper Clad Aluminum because of its surface covered with a layer of concentric copper, with copper wire and therefore has the same solderability, rather than as special treatment like aluminum; at the same time, copper copper clad aluminum wire with a thick layer of paint scraper to ensure that when the solder will not affect product performance;

3. Light weight: Copper Clad Aluminum density is 1 / 2.5 of the same diameter copper wire, to reduce the weight of the coil is very effective; the use of alternative Divine Copper Clad Aluminum wire, at least can save more than 30% of the cost.


1, high-frequency transformers, common transformers;

2, the inductor, the electromagnetic coil;

3, motor, including motor home, a variety of micro-motors and compressors and other environments requiring high motor;

4, for the audio coils, special magnet wire drive;

5, monitor deflection coil magnet wire;

6, degaussing coil Copper Clad Aluminum Winding Wire .

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