China Repite Breeding Cage Reptile Breeding Box

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After long-term research and development test, designe a series of suitable Reptile Feeding Tweezers, Repite Breeding Cage, Breeding Box, Portable Turtle Tank for different amphibians to meet the different needs of different pets on the space and provide a comfortable living environment for pets. Use high-quality materials of China Repite Breeding Cage to guarantee the healthy growth of pets.


1. Multiple size, free with fresh water basin.

2. Bilateral opening, easy to feed and clean up.

3. Machine punching, transparent, better ventilation.

4. Processing grinding treatment, will not scratch.

5. Multiple stacks can be stacked.

H series feeding boxes are made of PP material. Both sides has the double open, there are food card slot and vents, suitable for a variety of small climb pet use. Reptile Uvb Lamp -

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