How to Adding (or Editing) a Discount in Coupons N Combos

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How to Adding (or Editing) a Discount in Coupons N Combos

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To create a new instant discount, please supply a Discount Name. Next, if your discount requires the purchase of specific items or a combination of items before the discount applies, choose these items. You can choose the timing of when the discount applies by using the presets or by touching the green time links to change the times manually. The discount item can either be the entire ticket total or one of the trigger items specified as triggering the discount. You can choose from a dollar amount discount, a percent discount (which must be a whole number) or a "levelling" discount. The levelling discount is particulary helpful if you wish all items withing a category to be leveled to the same price such as for a "Happy Hour" where all drinks are the same price. The SAVE button will only be available when all of the needed information for a discount has been provided. The SAVE button will automatically be disabled if your Clover machine is not connected to the internet. If a change is made on another Clover register, this screen will be minimized.

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