Adding or Editing a Coupon in Coupons N Combos

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Adding or Editing a Coupon in Coupons N Combos

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Coupons are setup as two distinct parts. The first part of a coupon setup is the specification of the details of when a coupon is printed. You must (a) Name your coupon. (b) Specify which items, if any, must be purchased in order to trigger the printing of a coupon. (c) The Popup Reminder checkbox if checked, will cause a small popup notification to appear on the register whenever a customer purchases all of the items necessary for a trigger LESS ONE. (d) Specify the QRCode or UPCA code that will generated on the coupon. For UPCA, only the first 11 digits need to be specified. The 12th digit will automatically be generated as it represents a check digit. If you have a UPC code that is 12 digits, go ahead and enter all 12 digits. The last digit will be checked and corrected by CouponsNCombos if it is incorrect. (e) Specify at what times during the day and on what days of the week and during what time period the coupon will be generated. The default will generate a coupon at all times on all days. (e)

The second part of a coupon setup is the specification of when and how a coupon can be redeemed. (a) Specify which items, if any, that are must be purchaed in order for the coupon to be accepted. (b) Choose at what time during the day and the day of the week during which the coupon will be accepted as well as the dates during which the coupon is accepted. (c) Specify the product that is receiving the discount. Your coupon can discount the entire ticket or discount one of the items necessary to "trigger" the coupon discount. You can choose to discount by %, $, or by providing a set "level" price for the item.

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