How to demo the Kitchen Display without buying an Android tablet yet.

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If you are considering the Kitchen Display and don't have an Android tablet to mount in your food preparation area, here's what you can do to test the app.

  • Use your Clover Station:  You can follow the Install and Set-Up Guide and download the app to your Clover Station directly to see how it would work on an Android tablet.   If you need additional detail or step-by-step directions, contact
  • Use a web-based Android emulator:  You can go to a website that allows you run an Android emulator right from your browser. 
    • Launch a Manymo Android emulator or a pre-loaded emulator.
      • Registerd users get a 20 min evaluation period. Otherwise,  you get 10 mins.
      • Pre-selected for 1280x800 resolution and Android 4.2
    • Follow the Install and Set-Up Guide  starting with Step 4.
      • Enter your Clover email address and password to display orders.

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