How to Mounting the Tablet for Kitchen Display.

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How to Mounting the Tablet for Kitchen Display.

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Depending on your restaurant's layout, you can mount the tablet on a wall or from a shelf.   We recommend that you mount the display at eye-level and within arm's reach of your food preparation staff.  In addition, you will need to consider access to a power outlet so that the tablet's power supply cable can reach the tablet as well.

Wall Mount

With wall mounted stand that uses Command tape, you can mount the tablet anywhere within reach of an outlet without the need for screws or drilling into the wall. We would advise keeping it away from smoke and grease.

Shelf Mount

With this  available from Amazon, you can mount your Kitchen Display on any flat wooden or metal surface.

  • Arrives fully assembled and installs to cabinet or shelf in seconds
  • Fits any iPad or tablet and compatible with protective cases in both portrait or landscape mode
  • Reduces glare with multiple viewing angles and 180 degree rotation
  • Provides unmatched sturdiness and durability to protect your iPad or tablet pc
  • Portable - will not leave marks or damage from screws like competitors

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