How do I Link the Kitchen Display to the Clover Station?

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How do I Link the Kitchen Display to the Clover Station?

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  1. Sign Up
  3. Get Tablet
  5. Link POS


Connect the Kitchen Display to Your Store Wifi

If you haven’t connected the tablet you have designated to run the Kitchen Display to your store’s Wifi network, you can follow these steps:

1. Open Settings

2. Go to Wifi

3. Select Network & Enter Password

Install the App on Your Kitchen Display Tablet

View the step-by-step video tutorial.

1. Enter this link into the Kitchen Display tablet browser, then click on “Download!”

2. Open Downloads

3. Click to Start Install

Connect the App to Your Clover Station

Open the app. Then copy & paste the following values into the tablet app’s set-up screen.

1. Click on Settings -> Clover POS Connection -> Link to Clover
Clover POS Connction

2. Enter Email and Password to your Clover Web Dashboard.
Log In with Email

3. Verify link with the following confirmation message.
Screenshot 2014-06-16 23.31.13

You’re all done. Go to your Orders In-Progress by click on the menu on the top-right. Then select “Orders In-Progress”


How to Get Help

If you need some help getting your Kitchen Display set-up or have any other questions, we want to help.

  • Visit our  for helpful articles or tutorials.
  • Send an email to

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