Kitchen Display Link to Clover Doesn't Work - Now What?

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Kitchen Display Link to Clover Doesn't Work - Now What?

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In some cases, a tablet's default permissions may not permit linking within the Kitchen Display.  You'll need to use a different method to generate the Clover API token and enter it into the device.

  1. From your tablet or computer browser, go to this link ( and generate a Clover API Token.  You'll need to enter your email address and password. 
  2. After logging in, you may be asked to select a store if you have multiple stores that use the same email address.
  3. If you are re-directed to the Kitchen Display App Market page, it means your store has not signed up for the app yet.  You can do that here by accepting the terms.
  4. Otherwise, if your store is subscribed to the app, you'll be re-directed to the 4 Leaf Labs page for "Finish Signing Up"
  5. The web browser's URL will look like the following examples:

    Identify the following settings in the web browser's URL:
    • merchant_id=
    • access_token=
  6. Copy and paste the settings above into an email or notepad.
  7. Open the Kitchen Display app.
  8. Click on the menu on the top-right to access "Settings"
  9. Click on "Clover POS Connection"
  10. Click on Clover Merchant ID and enter in the "merchant_id" setting.
  11. Click on Clover API Token and enter in the "access_token" setting.
  12. If you've entered the information correctly, a message saying "Link to Clover POS Successful" will be displayed.  If you don't get the message above, please re-check the settings and try again.  It can be easy to overlook a digit or character.

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