Commerce Sync Quick Start Guide for QuickBooks

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Commerce Sync Quick Start Guide for QuickBooks

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Work Smarter. Live Better. Simplify your accounting in just two clicks.

Commerce Sync automates the transfer of sales information into your QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise or QuickBooks Online account. Commerce Sync saves you time and eliminates errors.

Activating Commerce Sync is Simple!

The following instructions assume you have installed or discovered Commerce Sync through your payment solution provider. The styling of sample screens below may also differ slightly depending on your payment solution provider (e.g. a header may appear light grey instead of blue).

STEP 1: In the Commerce Sync Dashboard, click Connect to QuickBooks.


Note: If you do not have a QuickBooks account, you can sign up for QuickBooks Online by clicking the circular QB icon in the second panel. When you're done, come back to the Dashboard to activate Commerce Sync. 


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