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  • Clover is an allinone system that replaces a cash register, terminal, and POS system, all for not much more than you'd pay for a cash register and terminal alone. What's more, this thing is powerful Ring up sales, sure, but also view your inventory, track revenues, manage employees, view reports, and take advantage of a ton of applications.
  • Payment processor First Data today introduced a new, more portable pointofsale system called Clover Mobile at the Money 20/20 conference being held now in Las Vegas. The handheld solution is an extension of the Clover brand. As you may recall, First Data debuted its first Cloverbranded pointofsale system aimed at small to mediumsized businesses in October 2013.
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  • Digital menu board software from Menuat, the flexible menu creator!
  • You get the most effective way to run all the card programs you need to achieve your business potential. Runs independently alongside your iPad POS system or credit card processing app, so you are free to change those services at any time without losing your card programs in the process. Here are some of the capabilities you'll have at your fingertips.
  • Make your work matter. Automate your workflow.
  • Skip the line and order right from your table with the Bierhaus app! Just grab a seat as soon as you arrive at Bierhaus. Choose from a wide selection of delicious beers and tasty appetizers, and enter in your table number so the server knows where to deliver your order. Payment is fast & secure with Apple Pay™, and your order will be brought to you in no time!
  • Weigh & Pay is designed specifically for for merchants with weight based item sales. With this application you can: Set prices for weight based items Automatically subtract the weight of containers by setting up tare weights View the scale readout on your Clover base station Create orders Add discounts Checkout with Clover's main Register application Weigh & Pay requires you to use a Clover compatible scale. See this page for details: Before you begin: 1. Ensure your scale is set to mode 4. Instructions here: 2. Set up your inventory item price field appropriately. Choose the "Per Unit" setting for Price. Enter "oz" in the Per Unit field and the price per ounce (e.g. $0.43
  • Login here: Providing real time performance information about your business, MM Dashboard gives you the metrics to manage your business from anywhere using your phone, tablet or computer. Understand where your daily sales are hour by hour, throughout the week, or over the course of a month Review key sales metrics Drill into detail about how individual products are performing Use the employee leader board to have some friendly competition Built by Mutual Mobile.
  • Coupons. Combos and Discounts. Purchase Reminders. Price Leveling. Mix it up. You can create any combo, any discount, and coupon combination imaginable. Create combos that print coupons. Create coupons that create instant discounts when applied with combinations of basket items. Create coupons that you can print using your printer. Price level all items in a category or items having a specific label. Entire ticket discounts, item discounts, labelled item discounts, or category discounts. It is impossible to describe the endless marketing and repeat business opportunities this application creates! In addition, all combos and coupons are automatically synced between all clover stations owned by a merchant regardless of location with zero setup. All devices on site are all covered b
  • Ping Me If enables you to receive email alerts when specific events happen in your store, including when: . A payment, refund, tips or discount exceeds a specified amount. . An item or an entire order is deleted. . A custom item is added to an order. . The quantity available for an item falls below a specified threshold. (Stock app required) . A item has expired or is expiring soon. (Stock app required) The Ping Me If app is integrated with all of the information in your Clover system. The Ping Me If app can only be accessed by users with an Adminlevel Clover account.
  • The Multi Store app provides reports on sales, profitability, adjustments, and quantity sold for all of your stores. You can also filter the reports by store, by category, by product or device, and specify the time range of each report. Single Store Owner can install Multi Store app to get various sale reports as well as use Stock Reporting app. When you use the Multi Store app with the Seven Spaces Stock app, you can also get reports on the cost of items for all of your stores as well as use the reports to check the inventory quantity and cost across all of your stores. With the Multi Store app you can specify which employees have access to Clover in each store. The Multi Store app is integrated with all of the information in your Clover account. The Multi Store app can only be ac
  • You must install the Stock app or Multi Store app by Seven Spaces in order to use this app! The Stock Reporting app provides insights into what's happening in your business so you can run it most effectively. The Stock Reporting app shows you your sales, profitability, cost, and adjustments for the date range you choose. Here's how you can use the Stock Reporting app: . Use the reports provided to check your store's revenue, cost, and profit by day, week and month. . For each product in your store, see the quantity sold, revenue, cost, profit, and more. . Track adjustments (ex. breakage, loss) over time. . Export to CSV file and create your own custom reports. The Stock Reporting app is integrated with the rest of your information in your Clover account. The Stock Reporting app can
  • The Easy Labels app enables you to print each product's UPC_A barcode, price, and name on labels to help you manage your Clover inventory and make customer checkout fast and efficient. The Easy Labels app can also generate UPC code for your own product. The Easy Labels app integrates with the Brother QL710W label printer. Choose from 6 different label sizes: . DK1221 (0.9" X 0.9" or 23 mm x 23 mm) . DK1204 (0.66" x 2.1" or 17 mm x 54 mm) . DK1209 (1.1" x 2.4" or 29 mm x 62 mm) . DK1201 (1.1" x 3.5" or 29 mm x 90 mm) . DK1208 (1.4" x 3.5" or 38 mm x 90 mm) . DK1202 (2.4" x 3.9" or 62 mm x 100 mm) Here is how you can use the Easy Labels app: 1. Connect a Brother QL710W label printer with USB cable. 2. Select your label size, type, and quantity, and choose what information you
  • The Stock app enables you to track product quantity and purchase orders. It shows you the available quantity, expiration date, and sales history for each product. Use the Stock app to: . Monitor the current stock count of products. . Create and edit purchase orders. . Record adjustments for a product (ex. breakages, loss). . Download various reports . Track stock count by Ingredients The Stock app is integrated with the rest of your information in Clover. You may initialize the Stock app by simply importing your Stock count from Clover!
  • The Cash Track app enables you to track and monitor cash out and cash in from employees or registers. You can also record tips and any other adjustments. Here's how you can use the Cash Track app: 1. At the beginning of the shift, record how much cash you assign to each employee and register. 2. During the shift, monitor current cash on hand for each employee and register. 3. At the end of the shift, reconcile the employee's count and the manager's count. 4. Restaurants can also calculate tips due. The Cash Track app is integrated with the rest of your information in Clover
  • DropThought’s powerful and easytouse features provide three key benefits to businesses: 1. Improve Customer Retention by helping businesses make timely interventions on customer complaints. 2. Grow Customer Base by reducing negative word of mouth and improving online reputation ratings on platforms like Yelp. 3. Build CustomerCentric Culture by providing employees with recognition and reminders of their impact on customer experience. To know more about DropThought app on Clover, Visit us at Check our help center at or Contact us at; +1 (855) 4376776 Extension 702
  • The Analytics App provides business insights for managers and business owners: „If You Can't Monitor It, You Can't Manage It“! Track metrics like Total Payment, Revenue, Tax Amount, Discounts, Profit, Revenue Modifiers and Number of orders... on relevant business dimensions like Item, Item Category, Item Label/Tag, Time, Employee, Payment Type ..., on ANY device. It visually presents how your business is doing, shows different time trends, Key Performance Indicators, periods comparisons and more... It helps companies to see otherwise hidden patterns, to spot business problems on time as well as to identify useful opportunities in their business data. Please visit our support webpage on additional info about App Tiers.
  • The Perka™ solution connects you directly to your customers over their mobile phones, allowing you to run the same kinds of sophisticated loyalty marketing programs as nationwide chains—at a fraction of the cost. You can turn occasional visitors into loyal regulars with offers and rewards they’ll love and keep them coming back for more.
  • Quickly and easily integrate instore sales data with your Google Analytics (TM) account using the new Analytics Connector app. The application submits sales data directly to the Google Analytics service where you can track sales data by product, time and location. Combine with your online and multichannel sales data for the ultimate in visability.
  • The Kitchen Display app speeds orders through your kitchen and increases order accuracy. When orders are entered into the Register app on your Clover Station, full orders are displayed in seconds to another tablet display located wherever they are being prepared. INSTALLATION VIDEO: Orders are displayed 4 or 8 to a screen with a time elapsed that turns red if the order is late. You can review completed orders and send them back to the kitchen as needed. Additional Android 4.0+ tablets are needed for mounting in food preparation areas. Recommendation provided at To test the app during the trial, you can run the app on your Clover Station or via your web browser at The Tables app is not yet supported. Full suppo
  • 42 is an intuitive and dynamic web dashboard that transforms your existing sales data into actionable insights, saving you time while growing your sales. “42 has made the world of difference in the analysis of my business. Using 42, I have modified my buying strategy to improve our gross margin and increased our overall profitability.” Heidi Wolf Saltzman (Owner, Camp & Campus)
  • Work Smarter. Live Better. Simplify your accounting in minutes. Commerce Sync automates the transfer of sales information to accounting software, populating any QuickBooks or Xero account with your Clover sales information. Commerce Sync makes life better for business owners by saving time and eliminating errors. FEATURES Works with Xero and QuickBooks Online Also works with and QuickBooks for Windows Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise Automatically transfers sales information Activate and go, no maintenance required Customizable to fit the way you run your business Eliminates timeconsuming manual processes, increasing accuracy and saving time Simple, userfriendly and designed for business owners
  • LocalCast is an allinone local marketing platform – social media, email, SEO, reviews, mobile websites and more in a single app! With a click of a single button, you can update Facebook, Twitter, your website, your mobile website, send an email to your list and submit announcements and deals to Google, Bing and Yahoo. It's that simple.
  • Gyft is the ultimate mobile gift card solution for your business. You can set it up in seconds and keep your customers and employees happy. With Gyft, you'll be able to: Sell gift cards with ease. Redeem straight from the phone. Issue store credit via a gift card. Check gift card balances instantly.
  • Homebase is a FREE tool to make managing your team’s schedule and time sheets fast and easy. WIth our free tools, you can send the schedule by email and text message, manage timeoff requests, and handle shift trades. Employees can receive text reminders about when they’re working, and check their schedule from anywhere. With our free time clock, you can view timesheets online, track breaks and overtime, and have your hour totals ready for payroll. Integrated sales data paired with your labor costs give you a better understanding of how your business is performing right now. Features: • Time clock integrates with Clover PINs and tracks paid and unpaid breaks • Build schedules online, print and view from any browser • 1click schedule notification for all employees via text message, emai
  • Charity Checkout enables merchants to accept $1 and 'roundup' donations from their customers.
  • NoshList is a waitlist management application for restaurants that uses text and phone call notifications to alert parties when their table is ready. Say good bye to paper waitlists and clunky buzzer systems. NoshList is the easiest and most effective way to manage a waitlist and reservations book, and includes powerful analytics for increasing operational efficiencies. Here is a video on how it works: NoshList is free for up to 100 customers a month and $19.99 for unlimited usage and all features. Features: Add, remove and seat parties quickly and easily Simple display of each party's information and status on the waitlist Unlimited SMS and phone call notifications Scheduling for future reservations or appointments Integrated table assignment an
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